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AnkPlanet is a science website designed to help you understand the concepts of science. It has various topics related to Physics and Mathematics.

The Physics tab contains categories such as Mechanics, Heat, Optics, Electrostatics, Particle Physics, and so on. The Mathematics tab contains all the concepts from basic to advanced maths.

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AnkPlanet also contains a blog. In the blog, we post interesting scientific topics to read.

Learning about how the universe works is something very interesting. Our mind is very curious. This curiosity has led us to the development that we see now. We always want to know more. For those people who want to learn the concepts that can explain about our universe, AnkPlanet provides that knowledge to them.

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From the Author of AnkPlanet

Hi there! My name is Ankit Rana. I am studying right now and I want to be a theoretical physicist. I made AnkPlanet to share the knowledge of science to the world.

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