Hell’s Paradise Episode 13 – Dreams And Reality (Review and Full Explanation)

Hell’s Paradise (Jigokuraku) episode 13 – ‘Dreams And Reality’ has been released. This episode ends the season one of Jigokuraku with many twists and secrets that are yet to be revealed.

Hell's Paradise (Jigokuraku) episode 13 - Shion vs Mu Dan (Tensen)

Mu Dan unleashes its Kishikai form and attacks Sagiri and Yuzuhira. Shion adn Nurugai appear at the moment and save them. Shion tells Nurugai to cut down the flowers and roots on Senta to slow down the transformation. Then, a fierce battle between Shion and Mu Dan takes place.

Nurugai hugs Sagiri and by doing so, Sagiri seems to have recovered some stamina. This tells us about a new ability that by such interactions, one can recover or increase Tao. Sagiri and Nurugai then join the battle and help Shion to fight Mu Dan. Sagiri tells Shion to strike the Tanden (source of power) of Mu Dan. By striking the core, they may defeat Mu Dan.

Sagiri and Nurugai hold both the hands of Mu Dan by their swords so that Shion can strike the core. However, Shion does not sense any strong waves coming from there. Then, Senta tells Shion to strike the ovule, which is at the centre of its petals. Since it is a plant monster, then its ovule is its Tanden. Shion strikes the ovule with his sword and the Tensen, who is supposed to be immortal, dies.

Hell's Paradise (Jigokuraku) episode 13 - Shion killing Mu Dan (Tensen)

It is shown that the Tensen feels relief at the moment of death. Mu Dan tells that he was waiting for that moment from a thousand years. He even thanks Shion to kill him. Maybe the Tensen do not want to become immortal and they have suffered enough that they want to die. It can also mean that maybe someone is forcing the Tensen to live like that and collect Tan from humans.

Senta is in the verge of death. Yuzuhira tells Senta to let go and relax. Senta then dies in the arms of Yuzuhira with a smile in his face.

Hell's Paradise (Jigokuraku) Episode 13 - Senta in the arms of Yuzuhira

Meanwhile, Gabimaru wakes up and Fuchi informs him that they are in a cage halfway up the valleywall. However, Gabimaru seems to have forgotten everything. Sagiri, Yuzuhira, Hōko, Shion and Nurugai take shelter inside a small house in Hōrai. Sagiri and Shion discuss about Tao. Shion explains that using Tao may also have some effects. It may cause mental or physical changes or even death. It may even affect one’s consciousness or memories which is happening to Gabimaru right now.

Yuzuhira points out that the elixir of life does not exist as told by Mu Dan. Sagiri tells that it exists as Gabimaru’s village chief is immortal. But Yuzuhira explains her that the immortality of the village chief might be an illusion. She further tells that even Gabimaru’s wife might be an illusion created by the village chief so that he can control Gabimaru for complete suicidal missions. This is the biggest twist shown by this episode.

Hell's Paradise (Jigokuraku) Episode 13 - Gabimaru forgets everything

In the cave, Gabimaru also seems to have difficulties to remember his wife. He only remembers himself as Iwagakura’s Greatest Ninja, Gabimaru the Hollow. Mei also senses that his Tao has not completely formed at the top of his head. Outside the small house, Shion joins up Sagiri. She feels pity over Gabimaru’s life and hopes that he and his wife will be reunited.

At the end of the episode, Yamada Asaemon Shugen is shown alongside his colleague in Edo. They are given a message by the Shogun to head to Shinsenkyō to monitor the expedition members, with allies chosen by him.

This episode is full of information about Tao and has a major twist about Gabimaru’s life. His wife may or may not exist which we will find out in later story. With this episode, the season one of Jigokuraku ends. Its season two is also confirmed, but the release date has not come yet. I am excited for season two as it will reveal more truths about Hell’s Paradise.