Magnetic Hysteresis Loop

Magnetic Hysteresis

The lagging of magnetic induction vector behind the magnetic field vector taken through a complete cycle of magnetization is called magnetic hysteresis. Read more
Magnetic Domains in a Ferromagnetic Substance

Magnetic Domain

There is a strong interaction with atoms which keeps their magnetic moments aligned parallel in small regions. The small region is called a magnetic domain. Read more

Classification of Magnetic Substance

Any substance which is affected by a magnetic field is a magnetic substance. Faraday announced that every substance in the universe is a magnetic substance. Read more

Magnetic Vectors

Intensity of magnetization, magnetizing field vector and magnetic induction vector are the three magnetic vectors used in magnetism. Read more
Magnetic Dipole

Magnetic Intensity

The magnetic intensity at any point in the magnetic field is defined as the magnetic force acting on the unit north pole placed at that point. Read more
Magnetic Field Lines

Magnetic Field

The space around a magnet in which its magnetic force can be realised is magnetic field. It is extended upto infinity but we consider only upto some distance. Read more
A girl smelling a rose

The Physics Behind Recognising Smell

The quantum theory of smell says that our nose is listening to molecules. This theory is based on the vibration of the chemical bonds. Read more

Can We See A Single Atom?

An atom is very small, so small that the light wave cannot touch them, it simply passes through it. So, we need some methods to see atoms. Read more

How long is one second?

Have you ever wondered how we decide one second to be one second long? How long is one second? We measure second by measuring the oscillations of Caesium atom. Read more
Magnetic Equator and Broad Side on Position of a Magnet


A magnet is a substance having attractive and directive properties. It has two poles; North pole and south pole. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Read more
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