What is Dark Matter?

The name dark matter means that this form of matter is not visible because it does not interact with electromagnetic field. Read more
A girl smelling a rose

The Physics Behind Recognising Smell

The quantum theory says that our nose is not smelling the molecules, it is listening to them. This theory is based on the vibration of the chemical bonds. Read more

Can We See A Single Atom?

Atoms are very small, so small that the light wave cannot touch them, it simply passes through them. So, we need some methods to see atoms. Read more

How long is one second?

The Thirteenth General Conference of International Committee on Weights and Measures defined one second to be 9,192,631,770 oscillations of Cs-133 atom. Read more
the blue colour of sky explained

Why is the Sky Blue?

White light consists of seven different colours; VIBGYOR. The air molecules scatter the light which causes the blue colour of our sky. Read more
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