Gravitation Reasonings

If attraction force exists between all bodies, why don’t we feel ourselves being attracted towards massive building near to us?

OR: According to Newton’s law of gravitation, every particle of matter attracts every other particle. But bodies on the surface of earth never move towards each other on account of this force of attraction. Why?

According to Newton’s law of gravitation, an object in the universe attracts every other objects with a force called gravitation. The gravitational force between any two objects is given by, \[F=\frac{GMm}{R^2}\]

The value of gravitational constant $(G)$ is very small i.e. $6.67×10^{-11}$ $\text{Nm}^2/\text{kg}^2$. Due to the very small value of $G$, the gravitational force between two objects with smaller masses is almost negligible. Therefore, no attraction is felt at all.