Gravitation Reasonings

Will 1 kg sugar be more at poles or at equator?

Let $W_p$ and $W_e$ be the weight of the sugar at poles and equator respectively. Then, \[W_p=mg_p\;\;\text{and}\;\;W_e=mg_e\]

Mass remains constant everywhere. Since $g_p>g_e$, $W_p>W_e.$

[Variation of g due to the shape of the earth]

Therefore, $1$ kg sugar will weigh more at poles. If the sugar is weighed in a physical balance then there will be no difference because it works by comparing the unknown mass with known mass. But if it is weighed by a spring balance (which works due to the force of gravity), calibrated at the equator, then $1$ kg sugar will have a less amount at poles and more amount at equator.