Kinematics Reasonings

A change in the velocity of an object always indicates change in speed. Comment.

Or, the velocity of a body is continuosly changing. Can its speed remain constant?

A change in the velocity of an object does not always indicate the change in speed. A change in the velocity occurs if either its magnitude changes or direction changes or both. If the change in velocity occurs only due to the change in direction, then the speed remains constant.

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Can a body have zero velocity and still be accelerating?

Can an object have an eastward velocity while experiencing a westward acceleration?

Can an object have velocity and acceleration in perpendicular directions?

The velocity of a body will be changed in magnitude and direction while its acceleration is constant. Is it possible?

Is it possible for a body to have a constant speed in an accelerating motion?

Rain drops hitting the side windows of a car in motion often leave diagonal streaks. Why?