Kinematics Reasonings

Is it necessary that the average speed and velocity be equal?

No. Speed of a body is the overall distance travelled per unit time; irrespective of its direction. Velocity of a body is the overall displacement occured per unit time; with regard to its direction. If the direction does not change, the distance travelled and displacement occured are same which makes average speed and velocity equal to each other. But if the direction changes during the motion, distance and displacement differ, which gives different values of average speed and velocity.

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If the acceleration of a body remains constant, is it necessary that the path is rectilinear?

If a particle is accelerating, it is either speeding up or speeding down. Do you agree with this statement?

Can a body move on a curved path without having acceleration?

Is it possible for a body to have a constant speed in an accelerating motion?

Is it possible that the displacement of a body is zero but not the distance?

The velocity of a body will be changed in magnitude and direction while its acceleration is constant. Is it possible?