Kinematics Reasonings

Two bodies of different masses are dropped from same height. Compare their velocities on reaching the ground and the time required.

Let $h$ be the height from which the bodies are dropped. The initial velocity is zero. Let $v_A$ and $v_B$ be the velocities with which they reach the ground. Since the acceleration is equal to the acceleration due to gravity $g$ for both the bodies, for the first body, $v_A^2=2gh$ and for the second body, $v_B^2=2gh$ [Motion Under Gravity].

\[\therefore v_A^2 = v_B^2 \] \[\implies v_A = v_B\]

So, both the body reach the ground with the same velocity. And, the time required to reach the ground for both the bodies is also same.

[Read: Acceleration due to gravity does not depend upon the mass of the object]