Mashle: Magic and Muscles – Episode 12 ‘Mash Burnedead And The Magic Mirror’ Review

The 12th episode of Mashle: Magic and Muscles has been released. The title of this episode is ‘Mash Burnedead And The Magic Mirror‘. The episode has an interesting twist which reveals more about the upcoming story.

Mashle Episode 12 - Mash, Dot, Lemon and Finn Celebrating

Mash, Dot, Lemon and Finn celebrate Mash’s victory over Abel. It seems as if everything is well now until a mystery man attacks them. The man is a member of Innocent Zero who wants to kill Abel because he could not find ‘an important thing’ (which is supposed to be in the school). On his way to kill Abel, he encounters Mash.

From the episode one, Mash is shown to be invincible when it comes to muscle power. In this episode, however, it is shown that Mash feels difficulty to block all the attacks of the Mystery man. So, Abel helps him in the battle.

Mashle Episode 12 - Abel protecting Mash from Cell War's Attacks

The man introduces a magical item called Spellflection mirror. The magical item can reflect any and every spell that is cast in its way. He wants to know about the magical powers of Mash so he uses it against him. But Mash destroys the mirror with his brute strength. From this incident, everyone comes to know that Mash does not have any magical power, all this time he was only using the strength of his body. So, a new problem arises as Mash can be expelled from the school if they find about his secret. It will be interesting to see how they will tackle this problem.

Mashle Episode 12 - Mash breaking the Spellflection mirror

The mystery man then leaves stating that his name is Cell War and he will be facing Mash soon. The main twist this episode reveals is that Mash is the ‘important thing’ the Innocent Zero searching in the school. Cell War tells this information to his father who may be the head of the organization “Innocent Zero”. His father then orders him to retrieve what was lost.

Mashle Episode 12 - Cell War with his father

We know that Rayne is Mash’s adopted father. So there must be some connection between Mash and Cell War’s father. The fact that Mash does not have any magical powers but he has such invincible strength may be revealed by that connection.

The episode portrays the character development of Abel very beautifully. Abel who thought that weaks should always obey strongs now thinks that weaks also have their rights to oppose the strongs is the strongs take away from the weaks.

With this episode, Magia Lupus Arc and the season one of the anime end. Its second season will air on January 2024 and this season will cover the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc. This season has ended with many twists and stories yet to be revealed. I am very much looking forward to see the secrets about Mash.