Kinematics Reasonings

Can a body move on a curved path without having acceleration?

A body moving on a curved path means its direction is changing, though the magnitude of the velocity might be same or different. According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion, the change of direction requires force i.e. it requires acceleration. Hence, a body cannot move on a curved path without having acceleration.

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The velocity of a body will be changed in magnitude and direction while its acceleration is constant. Is it possible?

A player hits a baseball at some angle. The ball goes high up in space. The player runs and catches the ball before it hits the ground. Which of the two (the player or the ball) has greater displacement?

Can an object have an eastward velocity while experiencing a westward acceleration?

Can an object have velocity and acceleration in perpendicular directions?

A change in the velocity of an object always indicates change in speed. Comment.

Is it possible for a body to have a constant speed in an accelerating motion?